Building the Omniverse

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang recently gave an interview with VentureBeat, where he discussed various topics ranging from the company’s post-Arm strategy to the development of the Omniverse[^1^][^2^]. The interview took place during the GTC 21 online-only conference, where Huang delivered a keynote speech to a massive audience of 180,000 registered attendees[^1^]. In this article, we will delve into the key highlights of the interview and explore the insights shared by Huang.

Building the Omniverse

One of the significant topics discussed during the interview was Nvidia’s ambitious project, the Omniverse. Huang emphasized the importance of building a metaverse that connects different industries and allows seamless collaboration and simulation[^1^]. The Omniverse aims to create a virtual environment where people can work together, design products, and simulate real-world scenarios. Huang believes that the Omniverse will revolutionize industries beyond traditional computing by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence

The Omniverse Cloud, a key component of this project, was also highlighted during the interview. Nvidia unveiled a new type of graphics chip that utilizes enhanced AI to generate more realistic images in games[^3^]. This advancement in graphics technology is expected to enhance the immersive experience for gamers and open up new possibilities for content creators.

Nvidia’s Post-Arm Strategy

Huang also touched upon Nvidia’s post-Arm strategy during the interview. Although the company’s attempt to acquire Arm for $80 billion did not materialize due to regulatory hurdles, Huang expressed his belief in Nvidia’s ability to thrive independently[^2^]. He emphasized that Nvidia’s focus remains on advancing AI technology and building innovative solutions for various industries.

Self-Driving Cars

Another significant topic discussed was self-driving cars. Huang expressed his optimism about the future of autonomous vehicles and highlighted Nvidia’s role in enabling this technology. He mentioned that Nvidia’s AI platform, known as DRIVE, is being utilized by leading automakers to develop self-driving capabilities[^2^]. Huang believes that self-driving cars will revolutionize transportation and make it safer and more efficient.


In the interview with VentureBeat, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang provided valuable insights into the company’s strategies and projects. From the development of the Omniverse to Nvidia’s post-Arm plans, Huang showcased his vision for the future of technology. The Omniverse, with its goal of creating a metaverse that connects industries, has the potential to transform how people collaborate and simulate real-world scenarios. Nvidia’s focus on AI technology and its commitment to advancing self-driving cars further demonstrate the company’s dedication to innovation and shaping the future of various industries.



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