centos successor space rocky gets 26m

CentOS Successor Space Rocky Gets $26M

. The Need for a CentOS Successor

The CentOS operating system has been widely used by businesses and organizations around the world due to its stability, reliability, and long-term support. However, the recent shift in CentOS’s direction by its parent company, Red Hat, has left many users searching for an alternative. Red Hat announced that CentOS 8 would reach its end-of-life earlier than expected and introduced CentOS Stream as a rolling-release distribution. This decision disrupted the plans of many enterprises that relied on CentOS for their infrastructure.

Introducing Space Rocky

Space Rocky emerged as a community-driven project aiming to fill the void left by CentOS. It aims to provide a free and open-source operating system that is binary-compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Space Rocky’s primary focus is on stability, predictability, and long-term support, ensuring that enterprise users can rely on it for their critical workloads.

Funding and Its Implications

The recent injection of $26 million in funding is a significant milestone for Space Rocky. This financial support will enable the project to accelerate its development efforts and attract top talent to join its team. With a larger team, Space Rocky can expedite the release of new versions, enhance security measures, and improve compatibility with RHEL. The funding will also be used to bolster the project’s infrastructure, ensuring that it can handle the growing user base and provide a seamless experience.

 Impact on Enterprise Users

The funding received by Space Rocky brings a ray of hope for enterprise users who were left uncertain about their future after the CentOS announcement. With Space Rocky’s commitment to stability and long-term support, businesses can now plan their infrastructure with confidence. The funding will enable Space Rocky to offer enhanced support services, including extended security updates and bug fixes, catering to the specific needs of enterprise users. This will help organizations maintain their existing CentOS-based infrastructure or transition smoothly to Space Rocky.


The $26 million funding secured by Space Rocky marks a significant milestone for the project and its mission to provide a stable and secure open-source operating system for enterprise users. With the financial backing, Space Rocky can accelerate its development efforts, expand its team, and enhance its infrastructure. This funding brings hope to businesses that were left uncertain after the changes to CentOS, ensuring they have a reliable alternative in Space Rocky. As the project progresses, it will be interesting to see how Space Rocky evolves and gains traction in the enterprise market.

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