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Do NFL Players Get New Uniforms Every Game?

As an avid football fan, you may have wondered if NFL players get new uniforms every game. After all, it’s not uncommon to see players getting tackled, sliding on the field, and sweating profusely during a game. So, do they get fresh uniforms for each game? The answer is no, and here’s why.

Uniforms are Expensive

NFL uniforms are not cheap. In fact, they can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per jersey, depending on the team and the quality of the material. Multiply that by the number of players on a team, and you’re looking at a significant expense. For this reason, teams typically provide their players with two sets of uniforms for the entire season. This includes one home jersey and one away jersey.

Uniforms are Customized

Another reason why NFL players don’t get new uniforms every game is that their uniforms are customized to fit their bodies. Each player has a unique body type, and their uniforms are tailored to fit them perfectly. This ensures that the uniform doesn’t hinder their movement during the game. If they were to receive a new uniform every game, it would be nearly impossible to customize it to fit their body type.

Uniforms are Part of the Team’s Identity

NFL teams take great pride in their uniforms. They are a symbol of the team’s identity and are often a source of pride for the players and fans alike. Changing uniforms every game would take away from that identity and could potentially confuse fans who are used to seeing a certain uniform on game day.

Uniforms are Maintained and Cleaned

Just because NFL players don’t get new uniforms every game doesn’t mean they wear dirty or smelly uniforms. Teams have equipment managers who are responsible for maintaining and cleaning the uniforms after each game. This includes washing the jerseys, pants, and socks, and making any necessary repairs. The equipment managers also ensure that the uniforms are properly fitted and ready for the next game.


In conclusion, NFL players do not get new uniforms every game. The cost of uniforms, customization, team identity, and maintenance all play a role in why players wear the same uniform throughout the season. While it may seem unsanitary or unprofessional to wear the same uniform multiple times, rest assured that teams take great care in maintaining and cleaning their uniforms to ensure that players are comfortable and ready to perform on game day.

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