In a world overrun by fungal infections and survival of the fittest, one might wonder if there’s any room left for humor. Yet, amidst the bleakness of The Last of Us universe, players have found solace in the form of puns – those clever, often groan-worthy wordplays that lighten even the darkest of moments. From clickers to cordyceps, here’s a collection of puns that could make even Joel crack a smile:

Clicker Clangers

Why did the clicker break up with its girlfriend? Because she couldn’t stand its constant “clicking” in conversations!

Infected Insights

What did the infected mushroom say to its friend? “You’re a spore loser!”

Survival Strategies

When life gives you cordyceps, make cordyceps lemonade… Or just run away screaming, whichever works.

The Hunter’s Hilarity

Why don’t hunters ever get lost in the woods? Because they always find their way by using their “Fungi”!

Ellie’s Expertise

What did Ellie say to Joel when they ran out of snacks during their journey? “Looks like we’re in a ‘pickle,’ Joel!”

The Tess Test

Why did Tess bring a ladder to the apocalypse? Because she heard the infected like to climb the social ladder!

Bill’s Blueprint

Why did Bill become a handyman during the outbreak? Because he wanted to nail every job, even if it meant dealing with “infected” plumbing!

Firefly Funnies

How do Fireflies stay positive in tough times? They always remember to “fire-fly” high and never give up!

Tough Callus

Why did Joel never use lotion during the apocalypse? Because rough times call for rough hands!

Tommy’s Tactics

What did Tommy say when he found himself surrounded by clickers? “Looks like I’m in a real ‘click’ of a situation!”

Savage Starlight Shenanigans

Why did the comic book series continue during the apocalypse? Because even in the darkest of times, heroes need their “starlight”!

Marlene’s Musings

Why did Marlene start a garden during the outbreak? Because even in chaos, she believed in “growing” hope!

Joel’s Jukebox

Why did Joel become a DJ in the post-apocalyptic world? Because he wanted to “spin” some tunes and lift people’s spirits!

The Art of Shivs

Why did the survivor carry a shiv everywhere? Because they knew it was the sharpest tool in the shed – literally!

Giraffes and Giggles

What did Ellie say when she saw giraffes in the post-apocalyptic world? “Well, isn’t that a ‘tall’ surprise!”


In a world where survival is paramount and laughter is scarce, these puns from The Last of Us universe serve as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, a little humor can go a long way. So, the next time you find yourself facing down a horde of infected or navigating treacherous terrain, remember to crack a joke – after all, it might just be the thing that keeps you going when all else fails.

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