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n recent times, Mark Zuckerberg has become synonymous not just with social media innovation but also with an unexpected item: sunscreen. The billionaire CEO of Meta Platforms Inc. (formerly Facebook) drew attention when images of him surfing while covered in a thick layer of sunscreen went viral. This peculiar sight ignited curiosity and speculation about the sunscreen he was using and its effectiveness. While this incident initially garnered attention for its humorous undertones, it also raised questions about the importance of sun protection and the nature of Zuckerberg’s sunscreen choice.

Zuckerberg’s Sunscreen Saga: The Viral Moment

The saga of Mark Zuckerberg’s sunscreen began in July 2020 when pictures surfaced of him surfing in Hawaii. What caught the public’s eye was not his surfing skills but rather the copious amount of sunscreen he had applied to his face. In the images, his face appeared noticeably white due to the thick layer of sunscreen, prompting memes and jokes across social media platforms.

This incident, while amusing, underscored the importance of sun protection, particularly in outdoor activities. Zuckerberg’s apparent dedication to protecting his skin from harmful UV rays highlighted a health-conscious approach that many found commendable, albeit in a somewhat exaggerated manner.

The Unveiling of Zuck’s Sunscreen: Understanding the Product

Following the viral moment, the sunscreen brand worn by Zuckerberg was identified as a product from New Zealand-based brand Surf Zinc. Known for its mineral-based sunscreen formulations, Surf Zinc offers products designed for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly surfers, who require durable sun protection in challenging conditions.

Zuckerberg’s choice of sunscreen aligns with his reported interest in outdoor activities, particularly surfing. Mineral-based sunscreens like those offered by Surf Zinc typically contain active ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which physically block UV rays from penetrating the skin, as opposed to chemical sunscreens that absorb UV radiation.

The Impact and Perception

While the incident initially sparked humor and memes, it also catalyzed discussions about sun protection and the importance of proper sunscreen application. Despite the ridicule directed at Zuckerberg’s sunscreen application technique, it brought attention to the necessity of protecting oneself from the sun’s harmful rays, especially during outdoor activities.

Moreover, the incident highlighted the role of public figures in influencing behavior and raising awareness about health-related issues. Zuckerberg’s inadvertent promotion of sun protection underscored the significance of using one’s platform to advocate for positive habits and behaviors.

Beyond the viral moment, the incident also shed light on the evolving perceptions of sunscreen use. Traditionally, sunscreen application has been associated with beach outings or vacations, but Zuckerberg’s choice to wear sunscreen while engaging in a sport like surfing demonstrated that sun protection should be prioritized in all outdoor activities, regardless of the setting.

Furthermore, the incident prompted discussions about the effectiveness and safety of different sunscreen formulations. Mineral-based sunscreens, like the one Zuckerberg wore, have gained popularity due to their perceived safety and effectiveness, particularly among consumers concerned about chemical exposure.

The Future of Sun Protection

The viral moment surrounding Mark Zuckerberg’s sunscreen serves as a reminder of the importance of sun protection and the role of public figures in influencing behavior. As awareness about the dangers of UV radiation continues to grow, the demand for effective and safe sunscreens is likely to increase.

Moreover, the incident underscores the need for education on proper sunscreen application techniques to ensure maximum protection against sun damage. By promoting healthy sun habits and advocating for the use of high-quality sunscreens, individuals can minimize their risk of skin cancer and premature aging caused by sun exposure.


Mark Zuckerberg’s sunscreen incident may have started as a viral moment, but it sparked important conversations about sun protection and public health. By leveraging his platform to unintentionally promote sun safety, Zuckerberg inadvertently highlighted the importance of prioritizing skin health in all outdoor activities. As we move forward, let us heed the lessons learned from this incident and take proactive steps to protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays.

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