The Parable of the Oranges: Lessons in Ambition and Success

The Parable of the Oranges: Lessons in Ambition and Success

Ambition is a driving force that propels individuals to strive for success and achieve their goals. The Parable of the Oranges is a thought-provoking story that sheds light on the qualities required to excel in one’s career. This parable revolves around a young man who aspires to work for a prestigious and well-paying company. Through his journey, we can uncover valuable insights about determination, perseverance, and the importance of seizing opportunities.


1. The Pursuit of Ambition

The parable begins with a young man who sets his sights on working for a renowned company due to its high salary and esteemed reputation. He meticulously prepares his résumé and undergoes several interviews to secure a position . This initial step highlights the significance of ambition in driving individuals to pursue their dreams. Ambition serves as a catalyst, motivating individuals to take proactive measures to achieve their goals.

However, ambition alone is not enough to guarantee success. It is merely the starting point that fuels the desire for achievement. The young man’s ambition sets the stage for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

2. The Entry-Level Position

After a series of interviews, the young man is offered an entry-level position within the company . This development signifies an important lesson in humility and patience. Often, individuals with ambitious aspirations may be tempted to overlook entry-level positions, believing they are entitled to more prestigious roles. However, this parable emphasizes the significance of starting from the bottom and gaining valuable experience.

By accepting the entry-level position, the young man demonstrates his willingness to learn and grow within the organization. This step highlights the importance of embracing opportunities, regardless of their initial perceived significance.

3. The Pursuit of Excellence

Having secured his position, the young man redirects his ambition towards his next goal: becoming extraordinary . This shift in focus highlights the importance of continuous improvement and striving for excellence. The parable encourages individuals to go beyond their initial aspirations and push themselves to achieve greatness.

To become extraordinary, the young man must exhibit dedication, perseverance, and a growth mindset. He must be willing to invest time and effort into honing his skills and expanding his knowledge. This pursuit of excellence is a key characteristic of successful individuals in any field.

4. The Power of Intent

The Parable of the Oranges also emphasizes the power of real intent in achieving success . The young man’s ambition is driven by external factors such as salary and prestige. However, true success lies in aligning one’s ambitions with genuine passion and purpose.

By reflecting on this parable, individuals can learn the importance of introspection and understanding their true motivations. When ambition is fueled by genuine intent, individuals are more likely to find fulfillment and achieve long-term success.


The Parable of the Oranges serves as a powerful reminder of the qualities required to excel in one’s career. Ambition, humility, perseverance, and genuine intent are all essential ingredients for success. This thought-provoking story encourages individuals to embrace opportunities, regardless of their initial perceived significance, and to continuously strive for excellence.

By internalizing the lessons from this parable, individuals can navigate their career paths with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. Ambition becomes more than just a desire for success; it becomes a driving force that propels individuals towards their goals.

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